Introduction week?!

Thanks to Monique’s first day tour, I had not as much shock during introduction week as I thought I may! Especially navigating through the city of streets without names.

First Week:

‘This is Nepal,’ that is the sentence I heard the most when I first started my journey in Nepal. Anything I found to be odd and asked about had the response, this is Nepal, it is fine.

At the beginning, everything needed some adjusting, but by passing time, me and my roommates (Lucy and Laura) had got acquainted with each other and were tolerant of one another in the room.

First day of introduction week, we get initiation into both major religions in Nepal, Buddhism and Hinduism. (Like I need more reason to look Indian! They go putting tikka on my face)

Random photos of our room

One day, with a bit of heavy rain the room upstairs was getting soaked with water. Picture below shows Monique, Stephanie, Lucy, Meena and Rajan cleaning. While they cleaned I sat in stomach pain after the late dinner we had.

Lucy had left after 2 Weeks and the room was just barely enough for Laura and I, just for me and Laura to get an incoming of two more girls and feel that we could not even breathe properly in the stuffy room with the mess the new girls had created. (pictured below). “There is not enough oxygen” was what we kept saying.

The food is not nutritional either, which makes me glad I got my multivitamin pills with me (a whole blog entry will be dedicated to the hellish food we had to get used to).

Surely the first week was fine and everything was slow and nice, but I kept skipping dinner, they serve dinner too late and my stomach does not feel too well especially that we have to be in bed by 10pm, dinner is 7:30-8. I thought at first maybe I am too British and complain too much, but it seemed like the other girls had concerns too. I had my afternoon tea and was content with that.

My first week was basically a culture and introduction program, packing Nepal in 5 days. We learned a few phrases and dos and don’ts on the first day. Then the 3 blind girls went on a hunt for the big Blue supermarket, of course we got lost.

 The second day we had an outing in the most touristic area in Kathmandu, Thamel. We saw the touristic area of Durbar Marga.

Picture in Asan marketwp-1480177314571.jpg


Wednesday we went to an amazing Buddhist site in Nepal called Bouddhanath Stupa (Buddhist temple). In that Stupa we went to see where the monks are studying and one had pulled me and Lukandra aside and asked if I was Nepali or Indian! I replied no to both, he refused to believe saying I look like a Hindu goddess! of course, I cannot pass the opportunity without my humor, that surely passed right over the monk’s and Lukandra’s head! I said: oh is that so? how about we open a temple and I can make money out of looking like a Hindu goddess.

My nurse Pasang jokes and says yes I look like Ganesh 😂

Stupa picture when we visited it.


After our visit I realised that the hospital I will be working at, is just 10 meters down the street from that Stupa. The picture below is a smaller version of the actual site, as it was damaged by the earthquake last year.

Thursday we made a Nepali dish for lunch and visited a Hindu site called, Budhanilkantha, or the sleeping Bishnu. Oh I forgot to mention our morning on Thursday started with a yoga class, a tad painful for me and Laura, not for Lucy.

Lunch with me being the joker I am 😂


The sleeping Bishnu=the total waste of time.

On Friday we went on a hike to one national park in the northern part of Kathmandu, Shivapuri national park. 

The hike was lovely, as always I could not stop staring at the animals and imagining them on my plate 😂🐐🐮🍔🍗🍖 rather than taking nice pictures of the views I took pictures of the animals.

It was beautiful.

We made it up for the nice views 

We had cute puppies follows up

Was so hot barely made it home.

After the hike we were free and finished with introduction week.

On the weekend (which you learn does not exist in Nepal they have only Saturdays off) we wanted to visit Bhaktapur. It was quite damaged and sad! Extremely warm for my Scottish self to be honest, thus I sat under my umbrella.

As I sat under my umbrella and the girls taking pictures,

I notice this suspicious looking thing …

sweet dreams of that can door closing on you while you draw some cash out 😂

   bien, bed time 23:05

Dhapasi Heights , Nepal.


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