House characters 

So just to give you an idea of where I am living and who I am living with, this blog entry is full of pictures! Took me forever to upload and then I delete it by mistake 😭😣😶

So here is to another try 🐢🐢

We had 2 coordinators who took care of our introduction week classes and outing, Prema and Lukandra.

Prema, climbing trees after our hike in intro week

Lukandra (was difficult to find this picture! we took a few together in my introduction week but cannot find them)

In house characters

Sapana is a coordinator in the house she lives with her husband, Aashu, on the boys floor. Chef Meena normally says that me and Sapana are the same and we act like little girls haha.

Our chef Meena, she is the cook and lives with me on the same floor.

and Rajan the superhuman, he runs all sort of tasks around the house.

Picture below me and Rajan as usual joking around in the kitchen with Meena while she ignore us 😅

Louise is Meena’s child. Me and her have a relationship that is according to her mood. One day it is “booldina booldina/I am not talking to you.” Another day it is “Mina didi Mina didi” calling my name to play and wanting to follow me to the toilet 😂🛁.

Rajan’s father. Our most exchange is a namaste every morning and evening. Respect 🖑

The Green Lion characters 

Rajash, the director and his wife Amma/mum.

Picture taken during Dhasin festival blessing me.


Next blog will have living area pictures. 

It seems like a pain to upload those pictures and videos all in one blog entry with Internet slow as 🐌

Be right back


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