Actual first day

In the evening of the 24th of September I was feeling a bit adjusted, but most importantly I was uncomfortable at all levels. Cold, tired, hungry and dirty new atmosphere.

I slept all day long the first day I was here, especially because I arrived in the morning. I was awoken in the afternoon by the director, Rajesh and his wife entering my room to meet me. They said they could not wait! When I stood up to shake their hands, I could not even manage to wake my neurotransmitters in my brain to function. All I remember is them in disbelief that people where I come from (not sure where that is but ok!) do not accept a harsh life and a challenge! As I awoke later for dinner I laughed so much remembering that.

At the dinner table, I am asked if I eat all kinds of meat, I reply of course.

They asked: even pig 😮?

I reply: especially pig haha it is so delicious.

The entire table stares and ask how is it possible: because you are Muslim!

My face was still in denial! I had just answered a few minutes earlier that I am a Zoroastrian! They kept insisting that it is a sect of Islam, and I cannot convince anyone to believe anything, so whatever! Although I say I am Zoroastrian, in all honesty my religion is medicine. (p.s.: I added a link for your ignorant self to be educated, Zoroastrian is not Islam, it pre-dates Islam.)

The good thing that happened that night, Monique, the sweetest Dutch I encountered so far, had knocked on my door and asked me if I want to join her tomorrow to go to Kirtipur, a small city within the Kathmandu Valley. I was so happy someone was being nice to me in the house and asking me to join their plans, I immediately accepted. (Especially that my Anna was sleeping in the White house/Rajesh family mansion).

Kirtipur was nice, so quiet and peaceful. Best part, me and Monique were the only tourists haha

Below are random pictures from Kirtipur

We head back to Thamel, the touristic area in Kathmandu for lunch. As on Saturday and Sunday the volunteer house does not provide lunch. Monique thought it will be a good idea for me to start with a Nepali dish (momo/dumplings). She thought very well, they were delicious 😍 our stop was a little restaurant called Momo Hut.

Picture below Monique and I at Momo Hut.

After lunch we got back to the house. Our bus ride took so long on the way back to the city before we had lunch that we were exhausted. If I remember correctly we stood for almost 2 hours in that bus.

Before we went home, Monique showed me a place, so out of place, in Kathmandu. The temple looked like it had been ignored and no one is taking care of it.

I was told there will be 2 girls joining my introduction group. I was nervous about how they will be, because let’s be honest, girls can be so catty and mean. On the way home we met one of the girls who will join me, Laura. She was lost and we all got back together to the green house. Upon arrival, we met Lucy. Laura and Lucy were my introduction week mates and I could have not been happier to have had them with me. We all shared the same room and were quite comfortable with each other.
Prema (our coordinator), Laura, Lucy and I, during our hike.

British complaining side note: As the Green lion organisation must know, it is smarter to leave the same introduction group people together for them not to disturb the rest who already have their activities that they need to go to in the morning. I write this post now as I barely had any sleep last night. A new girl in my room who made the bed shake like an earthquake with things falling over me from the top at 4 am! Since she kept throwing up and having diarrhoea til 6 am, I barely had any sleep!

Of course after almost an hour and a half I started snapping with my friends, couldn’t sleep with that much noise.

In coming posts you will know how bad it is for someone in health care to not have enough rest and sleep! While making mistakes in the hospital where a human life depends on it, is more priority than someone throwing up because they ate something bad and took no rest at all! My sleep is most important and I genuinely care less what anyone thinks 😁

Half face below of needing more sleep and comfort before I can go to the hospital and work on actual lives! taken now 😂

Green house hell, Dhapasi Heights, Nepal. 09:10 am


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