Pause … for Meena

Before I continue onto my second day. I must pause and mention a few things.

Meena my Nepali girl and I met 3 days ago and she told me she was upset that she is not in my blog 😂 and I mentioned I have not gotten to that part yet.

My Meena in Garden of Dreams

Before I move to Nepal I was quite fearful that I will be alone. In every country I visit I had some sort of friend. Even when I did not, no worries I never was alone (I enjoy my own company way too much to care).

However, moving to a country like Nepal is a tad bit much! People here are quite conservative, which let’s be honest here, I am nothing near being conservative! So you can only imagine how difficult it is for me to attempt to adjust in this disgustingly patriarche society! I am no modern feminist, but feels like I stepped back in time when I arrived here. I was told (hold your breath) that showing your shoulder is worse than dying! These women have their breasts hanging out, clothes so tight je ne sais pas how they breathe inside of it! But you show that shoulder and you better die!

There is one last thing I shall say before getting back to the topic.A scene I witnessed in Bhaktapur that I can not wipe from my memory. As I strolled down the streets women on the left working and men on the right drinking alcohol and playing cards! The entire trip to Bhaktapur, I could not even smile nor feel comfortable for one second!

Anyway, where were we? Ah yes, my Meena! So, I crossed paths before with a Nepali boy called Narayan, and when we talked and I told him I was nervous about my move back in time, he said his sister is still in Kathmandu and that he will introduce her to me. So my second weekend in Nepal she came on her scooter to our green house and we went hunting for my medical dictionary book and someone to unlock my phone.

Below is our lunch break that day.

After a while, Meena had gotten so comfortable with all the people I introduce her to from the green house (green lion), that she started going on trips with them without me haha

Meena and Médéric my friend haha

Guilherme, Lena and Meena on the way to Bhaktapur

Random moments of me, Meena and other volunteers




OK now I need to go to the hospital for work. signing off.

P.S: without Meena, Kathmandu would not be what it is now. Dhaniabat mero sati


                                  Dhapasi Heights, Nepal


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