Turkish cleaning companies.

As I say goodbye to my lovely Cora, I ran through security and immigration control with un-tied shoe laces.

Let’s just take one minute of your time to say that immigration control has nothing to do with control whatsoever! chaos and rudeness.

Except when I was passing through Edinburgh, it was a breeze. Even security thanked me for my services 😂. Because my dog-tag and my stethoscope in my bag signaled to them that I am an army medic 😋 surely I did not deny and decided to let it be so I can ease my process of passing through the chaos.

Below you can see my dog-tag, had to take it off before passing through the metal detactor.

I had a wait of 5 hours in Istanbul. Heard many of the expats waiting to go to Nepal on the same flight as mine mention different facts about Nepal. One got my attention:

“The company responsible for keeping Nepal clean is Turkish!”

Honestly I was not expecting much, but the cleaning part of Kathmandu was just as bad as I thought it be (ok maybe a little worse)

But I did arrive, 6 hours or so later. I was pure mess. For some reason my accent turns to be pure West London British accent when things are official. That said, I was in Kathmandu airport (Chaos) and I was walking around losing my documents, and papers were just trailing behind me from my bag and arms etc ( I don’t recall much of what happened) Richard was my savor. I think my thick British accent had attracted the Brit in him to help me. Grateful forever.

Anyway, getting outside of the airport and realising that this place will be home for a few weeks to come was not something I thought of! I just stared at the cows (Holy Gods here) and thought of steak. I did feel bad for the one that stood up for the picture below 😅

The house looked scary at first, but green is a nice colour.

Everything slowly seemed like reality. The view from the house was so beautiful and seeing the sweet face of my Anna and Iris, her daughter, upon arrival was even more comforting.

Attached pictures of the view from our rooftop and my snapchat filter (enforcing reality of being in Kathmandu) and of course me and my Anna when we were together in the hospital.wp-1479618766154.jpg


Regardless of all the adjusting needed, I can never get over the fact that Nepalese thought dealing with Turks to clean their country was a good idea! Haven’t the Turks got enough messes of their own to clean? Haha anyway more pictures to come of sweet clean Kathmandu 😋

                                             stay tuned. 11:03

                                  Dhapasi Heights, Nepal


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