Stop 1.  

Amsterdam, where things happen but not necessarily remembered 😅. 1476099964039.jpg

My lady, Cora had moved to Amsterdam 2 years ago. After an agony of six months I finally managed to get my arse across the sea to see her.

Upon arrival, drama with immigration officers and losing my phone I forgot to even say hello to Cora and had a panic attack.

By the time we got to the tram station, I was already stripping my clothes off. The heat of Amsterdam in comparison to Edinburgh was delicious.

Haha by the time we got to her area we had a man ask, so awkwardly, “are you looking for the … the money ?” I still laugh when I remember haha what a first impression of Amsterdam. People took pictures of me on the tram then that man thinking Cora and I are prostitutes.

Our itinerary was simple, beauty treatments all day and random outings. Main thing we liked doing is bum around in the house with a face mask bottle of beer and watch ‘Outlander.’ Like I needed more reasons to miss Scotland by forcing Cora to sit down and rematch the entire season.

All I tried to do is relax, or try to relax before moving to the less advanced world of Nepal. Attached are photos of

Amsterdam short visit.

Pictured below: me and Cora crashing an adult entertainment convention 😂 without knowing of course.


The First thing I did upon arrival to Cora’s flat, open alcoholic chocolate

Typical scenes in Amsterdam


As I write this, I skip many stories that happened during my time in Amsterdam. One important thing to mention is that I still managed with my beauty to cause a bicycle accident 😂 so I am content.
See you in Nepal,

until next blog .. 7:52

                                  Dhapasi Heights, Nepal


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