Back to the future

Actually, before we go to Amsterdam, I must share this story. Exactly how crazy one can be! I need some taming but I can never be tamed.

A little slow day at the hosptial, had tea with Dr. Tez and Dentist Valiente (that is what helikes to call himself haha)

While the babies play around

I left the ER at the panic of a patient who smoked weed for the first time! Haha quite funny. The Head Surgeon Dr. KNR invited me to watch 2 surgieres, piles and left testical biopsy. After watching, and helping a little with the 2 surgeries, I had lunch and met my favourite girls.

In the evening, I walk out of the hospital with my two favourite people, Pasang 1 and Pasang 2. (can be seen in pictures below, Pasang 2 above picture )

I say goodbye and try to catch the bus (almost all the time a pain in the arse process.) 5 buses passed by saying they will not go to Bhasundarah.

Side note: Bhasundarah is where I normally take bus to the hospital and where I get dropped off. Then I have to walk half an hour to Dapasi Heights, which is where I live now.

Back to story: So I was told about and sometimes experienced the generosity of Nepali people. A motorbike pulls in front of me

Man: Bhasundarah is on my way I can drop you off.

I hesitated for just one second, changed my mind when I saw a laptop bag on his bike (assumed he is a hard working decent man) and the traffic jam (will take me a bit over 2 hours to get home).

I hop on the back, asked where is he going he states he is going to Swayambhu (known as the monkey temple, and my Basundhara is on the way.)

A few minutes later he asks if I would like to have coffee, it was 17:30, I say sure why not but I need to be home by 19:00, less he wants the organisation worried and looking for me (lies to cover my arse from being sold in India the next morning.) Because let us be honest, since when did anyone help that much without acquiring something in return!

He took me to the strangest part of the Bypass (he stated it was the area’s name.) The area had a stunning view of the Kathmandu Valley. But as we approch the coffeeshop, all is dark and seemed as shady as it can be. The owner guides us into the trees for a cabin!

Of  course you will not be able to make anything of this picture it was so dark!

At that moment I played my part by asking to sit outside not inside. He kept attempting to hold my hand and my straightforward way of handling situations, also my hands on my stethoscope ready to choke the bastard if he tries anything, saved the situation. I said “is that your way of trying to make a move, it is not going to work.”

I believe the owner realised what a mistake he did so he called this random person, talked in Nepali and suddenly we were out of the place, up on the hill we came from, with him still attempting to make a move, while I complain about the cold and wanting to go home.

Finally he gives in, on the way home he asks if I had a boyfriend. Instantly with no hesitation I answered yes (a lie for sure that I thought may make him give up and leave me alone). He asks if I will give him a goodnight kiss! My level of disgust was so high, I could have jumped off the bike to kill myself! Ah so gross!

I got back home safely thinking, adulting in America taught me one important thing, “never trust anyone.” Maybe next time I will tolerate the traffic and stand for half an hour to catch a bus.

Note: my crazy self writes maybe not for sure! cannot be helped.


                                   Dapasi Heights,  Nepal.    07:32


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