Time to move on … 

I sat, wasting my life in my uncle’s shop. Cried over my medical experience going away to waste and lose.

Apart from everything find below my boredom selfies in the shop 😂

I was happy to have my uncle with me. Happy that I am earning money from a job I care about, interpretation. But still my passion is medicine. So, I looked up a volunteer medical internship, where I can earn experience or regain my experience.

Habib and I in the picture below. (Mon oncle)


I searched the Internet for an option, and there it was, the Global nomadic organisation. My first choice was Peru, but Nepal seemed to work easier. Also in all truthfulness it was cheaper 😅 and my Scottish cheap self could not help but choose the latter.

So my half regretful choice was made, and now I was on my way to Kathmandu Nepal.

But first I needed to stop and see my lady in Amsterdam.

Until next blog


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