The beginning (not really)

I have contemplated how I shall start my blog, I came to the conclusion that I will do it films style. Which film style? the ones where they start mid story and go back and forth. As in my brain this is how life is, mashed potatoes haha.

Today Monday 14 of November 2016, it starts my 7th week in Nepal. Wow 7 weeks already passed, feels like I either been stuck here forever or just got here yesterday ( depending on the mood 😂).

I have to be at the hospital before 11 today, my friend Médéric is coming for a check up, then lunch date with one of my babies (previous colleagues) ah full day. But I just woke up 6:30 on the sound of our chef’s child crying her eyes out. Every morning it is the same she wakes up and starts crying calling her mother, Louise is the child’s name she is 4 years old.

Top of my bed (left image) Louise and I on breakfast table 4 days ago (image right). my lunch date (bottomed left) Médéric, I and my ex-roommate Laura ( bottom right)

Ah breakfast time, it is at 8 everyday. Food is rubbish most of the time, no maybe all the time.

Well 21:47 Monday 14th of November I had spent the day running around the hospital that I got dizzy and took off early. Images of my day below, some of the today’s events haha

(Left to right) the microbus drama of stuffing people like sardine. Always delightful when Lena my baby comes by for lunch and coffee then comes home with me. We ended up meeting the neighbours’ children by sitting outside the house (since Lena is not allowed inside, long story will explain in coming blog entries).

   until next blog …

Peace from Dapasi Heights, Kathmandu



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