Abandoned Haven

As I am almost settled in Cyprus, I am already ready to leave. I shall leave the moaning for another post and show you how beautiful Famagusta was like. I asked Batu to leave the city and go to Famagusta, according to different cites, it seems like a tourist hot spot aka beach is what I … Continue reading Abandoned Haven


Kitties, Rakı, and heat

A few days were left of my stay in Istanbul as I had finally found a flat in the half Island of Cyprus. There were a few things on my to do list. First and most importantly, play with the kitties in the streets. There are so many of them, I get so distracted while … Continue reading Kitties, Rakı, and heat

Lost in size 🌃🏙

An hour and 2 chapters of my book away, finally I passed the long line in Ataturk airport. I saw Tan and we went back to his family's flat. Also I met beloved chicho. Talk about a massive/huge city. I have been to many cities in my life, but never one as big as Istanbul! … Continue reading Lost in size 🌃🏙

Half an Island 🏖

Ercan airport: I finally landed at 1:30 in the morning. The immense heat struck my face and I felt like a zombie walking towards the university driver who is waiting to pick me up. 03:00 I was left stranded in front of the 'old guest house' in the dorms section of the university. The driver … Continue reading Half an Island 🏖

In the air 🛫, yet again.

As much as I did not want to say 'see you tomorrow' to my Edinburgh, I had to. Flying and airports are the normal routine for me, but I am growing impatient and sick of it. This sickness and impatience is growing because of the following reasons: Nowadays, You have to get a return ticket … Continue reading In the air 🛫, yet again.

See you tomorrow ?

I was not sure how to spend my last hours in Scotland but good thing we had nice weather for the last few days I was in Edinburgh. It made it nice to walk about town. As you read my last blog post, you should have noticed that I booked myself a horseback riding session. … Continue reading See you tomorrow ?

Dear Diary

I never understood how people can keep diaries. It is admirable 😂 especially with the fact that I am failing miserably at keeping my blog updated. The reasons for this neglect are first my laziness, second my busyness. So what has been happening? I had my last day at work, and partied hard before it. … Continue reading Dear Diary