‘Just relax’

As you probably read in my previous posts, I complained about the fanatics in North Cyprus. Now here is what I have discovered: Cypriots are the smaller part of the population and the rest of the population are the fanatics who come from outside of Cyprus, either for uni or shipped by Turkey to populate … Continue reading ‘Just relax’


Twisted, good ol’ English

So, after messing up most of my exams (due to the bad English format of most questions, and my gold fish memory) I twisted my ankle and went to the pharmacy to get a bandage Pharmacist: how were your exams? I, with a smile: most of the English format of the questions threw me off. … Continue reading Twisted, good ol’ English

Middetrienaian lifestyle & Fanatics

I know it has been a while since I posted anything. I have been busy with exams and studying. I learnt that cities and countries near the middertrienian live such a calm and slow lifestyle. Not quite the London that I grew up in, nor the America that I adulted in. Regardless of how slow … Continue reading Middetrienaian lifestyle & Fanatics

Sloth with an attitude.

note: never mind the wrong spellings on my snaps/photos, I type too fast and do not realise it until I post it. I mentioned that I have gotten back to Cyprus to sort out my documents with the university. Classes are supposed to start on the 18th of September. As I write this, I still … Continue reading Sloth with an attitude.